The Department of Training & Placement at NIT Srinagar has an unflinching devotion in sprucing up consummate professionalism in the students, besides honing their technical dexterity, thanks to the team of our dedicated professors. It strives for developing the students into adept and cognizant individuals, seeded to be the technical vanguards of the nation and the world at large, sailing through the turpitude of stark economic recession that the world faces at different times.


The Department has received accolades from all the visiting corporate firms for its commendable work and its heart winning hospitality. The ultimate aim of the Department is to provide quality engineers to the visiting firms and responsible citizens to the nation. At present the T&P Department is headed by Dr. Sheikh Shahid Saleem, with Dr. Amandeep Singh, Dr. Harkirat Singh, Dr. Shoeib Hussain, Dr. Mohammad Rafiq and Dr. Tahir Ahmad Wani as Associate TPOs.


Apart from the Training & Placement officials, a highly effective group of Campus Recruitment Coordinators (CRCs) & Internship Coordinators (IC's) selected through a rigorous process, assist the Department in the conduct of On-Campus Recruitment Drives.