A state-of-the-art digital language lab is being run in Department of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Management. Inaugurated on 15th May 2019, the laboratory caters to the English language requirements of the students at basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.

The lab has 30 desktops installed with the Orell Talk language lab software and the AV equipment. It has a 65-inch touchscreen monitor connected with the instructor console unit. The software offers interactive experience through rich audio-visual content alternating between instructor-led training and computer-based training. Through such sessions, the learners can acquire vocabulary, grammatical, and LSRW skills required for day-to-day communication. They can also improve their non-verbal communication skills through the activity-based peer learning. 

The language laboratory contributes to the administration of a one credit course on English language (course code: HUP100) to the first-year BTech students. The course is designed to be run parallel to Basic English and Communication Skills theory course and Advanced English and Communication Skills theory course prescribed for the 1st and the 2nd semesters respectively.

The smart lab envisions offering enhanced active use of the language in comparison with traditional classroom teaching. The course administered in the lab specifically aims to help the students for whom English is not the first language. The lab is soundproof and airconditioned which makes the learning environment distraction-free and enjoyable.

Language Lab