1. Dr. Subhash Kak (Our Esteemed Alumnus, 1962-1967 Batch, Electrical Engineering), in 2019, Government of India awarded him with “Padma Shri Award”. On 28 August 2018, he was also appointed member of “Indian Prime Minister’s Science, Technology and Innovation Advisory Council (PM-STIAC)”.

2. Dr. Neeraj Gupta (Assistant Professor, EED) has been elected to the grade of “Senior Member IEEE (USA)” on dated 16th Feb, 2019.

3. Dr. Farhad Ilahi Bakhsh (Assistant Professor, EED) with his team of 29 students from Electrical Engineering Department have won “10 for 10 Typhoon HIL Award” from Switzerland, Europe on April 08, 2019.

4. Department of Electrical Engineering have started “IEEE National Institute of Technology-Srinagar Student Branch” (Student Branch Code: STB11543 & School Code: 60099523) on 17th July, 2019. Dr. Farhad Ilahi Bakhsh (Assistant professor, EED) is counselor of the Branch.

5. Dr. Asadur Rahman (Assistant professor, EED) established the “EED Student Club” as a Faculty Coordinator.

6. Dr. Ravi Bhushan (Assistant professor, EED) started the departmental magazine “THE EED BULLETIN” as an Editor-In Chief.