Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • PEO1To prepare students to get employed and/or to pursue higher education and research in IT discipline in particular and allied engineering fields in general.

  • PEO2To prepare students to develop effective IT solutions for real-world problems.

  • PEO3To motivate students for creating startups generating employment for the society.

  • PEO4To develop high moral, ethical and societal responsibilities among the students for their life-long learning.

Programme Specific Objectives (PSOs)

  • PSO1: Graduates should be creative, imaginative and proficient IT engineers employable to serve in the industry, academia, and allied services.

  • PSO2: Graduates should be able to advance in academic and research pursuits in IT and allied disciplines.

  • PSO3: Graduates should take a lead in innovation and entrepreneurship activities with high standards of professional and moral ethics and prove themselves beneficial to society at large.