The IET On Campus NIT Srinagar is an initiative taken by Department of Electrical Engineering, NIT Srinagar. It gives the skills and experience to the students to succeed in their career, and supports young engineers and technicians in our Institute. IET On Campus builds a strong link between the IET and students, helping you to get the most out of our Institute experience as well as enabling young people to place at the heart of our professional activities and development. We intend to conduct technical workshops and events on the advancing technologies in the world of digitalization as well as seminars and guest lectures from eminent speakers across the world. The IET On Campus NIT Srinagar student chapter is not specific to any department. So we are glad to welcome all the students irrespective of Department and Program from the bottom of our heart to each and everyone of our Institute.


Student Community

IET On Campus NIT Srinagar Student Community is a group of IET members with a desire to deliver a range of activities for engineering students in our Institute. Their responsibilties include connecting to an international network of engineers and technicians who can help you learn new skills in readiness for job seeking and professional development outside study. They are directed for typically offering a mix of activities, ranging from social events to engage with students, visits to engineering companies and local sites of interest, lectures and seminars with speakers from industry, soft skills training sessions, competitions and prize giving ceremonies as well as essential membership recruitment events on behalf of our Organization.


Goals and Objectives

  •      Enable knowledge sharing
  •      Study and career development
  •      Building your professional network
  •      Helping to improve your presentation skills
  •      Highlight the importance of engineering and technology
  •      Developing new skills and improving your curriculum vitae (CV)
  •      Provides networking and professional development opportunities