S.No Project Title Faculty Funding Agency
1 Exploring Natural Triterpenoid and their Derivatives as Scaffolds for the Development of Anticancer.... Prof. Tabassum Ara CSIR
2 Molecular Engineering on Porphyrin Skeleton to Develop Novel ..... Dr. Ravi Kumar DST-SERB
3 Synthesis of Natural Product Based Polymer Composites as Potent Antimicrobial .... Prof. J. A. Banday JKSTIC

Synthesis, characterization and development of nanocomposite sensors for heavy metal ....

Prof. Hamida-Tun-Nisa Chisti JKSTIC
5 3-G-Super Cetane Deisel Production from 3-G-Algal Biomas: An Efficient Green Fuel for Decarbonising Transportation Sector Dr. Mohammad Aslam DST-SERB
6 Carbon Nanoarchitectronics for Sustainable Energy Conversion & Storage  Dr. Shrikant Maktedar UGC-DAE
7 Nanoparticles as smart optical sensors: Development of green synthesis routes and Application in detection of pesticides at agriculture field  Dr. Jignesh V Rohit UGC-DAE