Chemical Engineering Department

Dr.Shashikant Kumar

Assistant Professor

Membrane Separation, Waste water treatment..


Shashikant Kumar received Bachelor of Technology degree from BIT Sindri (State Government Engineering College), Jharkhand in 2011 and PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Dhanbad (IIT-ISM, Dhanbad) in 2016. He has worked as Temporary Faculty at National Institute of Technology Srinagar from March 2016 to March 2018. Thereafter, He was Visiting Faculty in Department of Chemical Science and Engineering at Kathmandu University, Nepal from April 2018 to September 2018. Currently, He is working as Assistant Professor in Chemical Engineering Department at National Institute of Technology, Srinagar since October 2018.


  • Ph. D., IIT(ISM) Dhanbad, 2016, Development of advanced membrane for separation of oil from oil-in-water emulsion
  • B.TECH, BIT Sindri, 2011, Chemical Engineering

Publications Journal

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Publications Conference

  • Indian Institute of Technology Madras, E-proceedings of the third International Conference on Petroleum Science and Technology 2014 (ICPST-2014:, November 3-5, 2014, 431-436., NOV, 2014
  • National Conference on Recent Advanced in Chemical and Environmental Engineering (RACEE-2012), Chemical Engg. Department NIT Rourkela. , JAN, 2012

Books/Book chapter published

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