Incubation Centre

Background & Objectives

The National Institute of Technology (NIT)Srinagar, which has been playing pivotal role in the technology and engineering domains of the state in particular and nation in general, envisions creating a full scale incubation centre continuing its legacy of contributing to the society. The premise of the incubation centre is to be based on the philosophy of creating value for present and the future. In this spirit, while the innovation is to be driven out of this centre should be capable of providing solutions to the problems of the society or suggest ways of efficiently doing things. The centre also envisages attention towards the disruptions in the making that we are seeing globally trending. Keeping this philosophy in mind, the orientation proposed for the incubation centre should address the issues that are met by the local industry, initiate innovation to keep up with the national trends and seek for the global disruptions. The centre intends to take up the challenges of the Grass root technologies and develop innovative ideas of the engineering students, technocrats, innovators or any other stakeholder, who intents to obtain an engineering solution of a problem. The centre would offer support and bring to fruition the creative outputs of the budding engineers, technocrats, students, academia, grass-root innovators, entrepreneurs, start-ups etc. particularly in this region. The incubation centre will be based on the tenants of creating value which can be achieved by orienting the proposed centre in a way that it explores the problems faced by the society at the local level in particular and national level in general. The emphasis should be on aligning the centre with the latest global trends prevalent in various sectors and industries. This way, the proposed centre can attempt to find out solutions of our present problems and also bring in greater value to ‘yet to come’ technologies and innovations to this part of the world by indigenising and localizing them, increasing their relevance to the immediate ecosystem.


The broad objectives of the Incubation centre are as follows:

  • Promote activities leading to successful implementation of concepts of make in India, Stand up India, Start-up India, design in India.
  • Creation of Technology based incubators on continuing basis.
  • Economic development, employment generation (targeting also disadvantaged groups) and technology commercialisation.
  • Help to create value added jobs and services.
  • Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit.
  • promote start-ups.
  • Promote micro, small & medium industries.
  • Assistance to existing incubatees by way of specialized services of the institute
  • Develop innovative ideas of the students, Grass root innovators, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders by application of scientific and engineering principles
  • To successfully evolve into a hub which encourages thinking and provokes/ facilitates innovation


Thrust areas:

  • Fostering and nurturing grass root innovations
  • Solution & value addition towards micro and small scale industrial problems
  • Energy Conservation with special emphasis on non conventional sources of energy
  • Environmental protection and conservation
  • Waste material Management and Sanitation
  • Prototype development to meet a new demand


Activities envisages:

  • Entrepreneurship Development through incubation and training
  • Strive for Development and deployment of scientific/ technological solutions to solve challenges states are confronting in the areas of water, energy, waste management, sanitation, local technologies, ergonomic design and so forth.
  • Involve students of NIT to identify engineering problems of diversified nature where research and innovation can help to find smart solutions. These problems could be related to current product design, improving a function or reliability of some product or service, ergonomic study and improvements, grass root problems of micro industries, artisans, local entrepreneurs, value engineering etc.
  • Operate to provide institutional support in scouting, spawning, sustaining and scaling up innovative ideas generated any stakeholder.
  • Provide incubation support as and when required to develop innovations.


Current incubatees

The centre is presently incubating an innovative idea of an incubatee from a remote village of Budgam wherein idea of one Mr. Syed Mudasir to design and develop an alternative environmental and fuel efficient technology to replace conventional brick Kilns in the valley.


Share your innovative ideas to become an incubatee