The Department has well equipped Laboratories for Under-graduate, Post-graduate and Ph.D students. At present the following Laboratories are functioning in the Department:

  1. Solid State Physics Research Lab.
  2. Naoscience Research Lab.
  3. Renewable Energy Research Lab.
  4. Nuclear Physics Theoretical Research Lab.
  5. General Physics Lab (B. Tech).
  6. Adv Optics lab (M.Sc./B.Tech).
  7. Electronics & Instrumentation
  8. Solid State lab (M.Sc).
  9. Computational Phy Lab (MSc).
  10. Material Science lab (M.Sc).
  11. Characterization Lab (M.Sc).
  12. Nanotech Res Lab (M.Sc).
  13. Mat. Sc. Res lab (M.Sc).

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