Procedure for Procurement of Goods Under Shopping
Procedure for Procurement of Goods Under National Competitive Bidding(NCB)

Status of Tenders Under TEQIP-III 2018

Corrigendum to Tender Notice |NIT/TEQIP/20/112|12/02/20|13/02/2020
Tender Notice| Invityation for the Qutation for various items|Seed Money Project|12-02-2020
Tender Notice| Extension in submission|Water Purifier|25-01-2020
Tender Notice| Extension in submission|Microprocessor Trainer|27-11-2019
Tender Notice/Extention in submission| 15-11-2019
Invitation for Quotation Letter Induction Melting Furnace
Invitation for Quotation Letter MicroProcessor Trainer
Invitation for Quotation Letter Magnetic Stirrers 
Invitation for Quotation Letter Dual Tank DI Water System 
Tender Notice|09/06/19
Tender Notice|Digital Electronics Lab|E&C|23/04/19
Corrigendum to Tender Notice |Furniture at Institute level|15/04/19
Corrigendum to Tender Notice |Multi Target Sputtering System|09/04/19
Tender Notice|Spin Coater|E&C|08/04/19
Pre Bid Meet Notice |Furniture|05/04/19
Standard Bid Document|Furnitrure|25/03/19
Tender Notice| supply of various equipments|Civil|23/03/19
Corrigendum to Tender Notice |Multi Target Sputtering System|09/03/19
Corrigendum to Tender Notice |Multi Target Sputtering System|02/03/19
Corrigendum & Extension date|Multi Target Sputtering System |22/02/19
Tender Notice| Electrification|CRFC|21/02/19
Corrigendum to Tender Notice |Engine Tribotester with Tribocorrosion|09/02/19

Notice for Extension|Supply of various equipments|IT Department|01/02/2019

Minutes of Meeting |Multi Target Sputtering System|31/01/19
Notice for Extension date|Multi Target Sputtering System |31/01/19
Tender Notice|Supply of  Magnetic Stirrers|Chemistry  Department|29/01/19

Corrigendum to Tender Notice |Engine Tribotester with Tribocorrosion|19/01/19

 Letter of Enquiry |supply of goods as per GeM rate contract|19/01/19

  Tender Notice|Supply of various equipments|Physics Department|07/01/2018
 Tender Notice|Supply of various equipments|IT Department|03/01/2018
 Tender Notice|Supply of various equipments|Civil Department|24/12/2018
Invitation for pre bid Meeting|Multi target Sputtering system
Invitation for pre bid Meeting|Engine tribotester with Tribocorrosion system
Advertisement Notice for Engine Tester withTribocorrosion|21/12/2018
Standard Bid Document |Engine Tester withTribocorrosion|NCB|21/12/2018
   Tender Notice|Language Lab|HSS|21/12/2018
Corrigendum to Advertisement Notice for Multi Target Sputtering System Published on The Hindu|01/12/2018
Standard Bid Document |Multi Target Sputtering System|NCB|27/11/2018
  Tender Notice|Engine Tester|Mechanical Engineering Department|10/11/2018
 Tender Notice|Supply of equipments required by envirnomental & sustainability study centre| WRMC|30/10/2018
  TENDER Notice|Supply of equipments |Chemical Engineering|26/10/2018
Corrigendum to Tender Notice|Civil Works and Electrification| CRFC|20/10/2018
TENDER Notice|Language Lab|HSS|09/10/2018
TENDER Notice|Dynamics Lab|Civil Engg Dept|08/10/2018
TENDER Notice| Civil Works and Electrification|CRFC|05/10/2018
TENDER Notice| Civil Works|TEQIP|01/01/2018
 TENDER Notice| Furniture|TEQIP|20/12/2017