3rd Semester Mechanical Engineering Course 

Click below to download the course material of courses runnning in 3rd Semester:

1. Mechanics of Materials-I (MEC 302) for Metallurgy Engginering Course 

a. E-Lecture   b. NPTEL Link for reference (course material supplied by Dr. Abhijit Dey)

2. Fluid Mechanics (MEC 303)

a. E-Lecture PPT  b. NPTEL Link for reference (course material prepared and supplied by Dr. Manoj)

3. Engineering Thermodynamics (MEC 304)

a. Syllabus  b. UNIT I   c. UNIT II d. UNIT III e. Assignment 1  f. Assignment 2  g. Assignment 3  h. Assignment 4

(course material prepared by Dr. H.S. Pali) 


a. CO & Syllabus  b. UNIT II   c. UNIT III d. NPTEL Lecture Link 

(course material prepared and supplied by Dr. Noor Zaman Khan)

5. Engineering graphics and computer modeling(MEC 306)

a. NPTEL Lectures Link