7th Semester Mechanical Engineering Course 

Click below to download the course material of courses runnning in 7th Semester:

1. Basic Fracture Mechanics (MEC 701) 

    i. Video lecture link on NPTEL: Engineering fracture Mechanics by Dr. K Ramesh (IIT Madras) 

    ii. Book: a) Elements of Fracture Mechanics by Dr. Prashant Kumar (IIT Kanpur)

                 b) Fracture Mechanics- fundamentals and Applications by T L Anderson

    (course material supplied by Er. Ved Prakash Sharma)

2. Applied Thermodynamics II MEC 704

     a. Syllabus  b. E-book for reference   c. NPTEL Lectures Link specifically for Gas Dynamics Link 1 & Link 2

(course material supplied by Dr. H.S. Pali)