8th Semester Mechanical Engineering Courses 

Click below to download the course material of courses runnning in 8th Semester:

1. Production & Operations Management (MEC 801)  

a. Unit I  b. Unit II   c. NPTEL Link for reference (course material prepared by Dr. Abhijit Dey) d. Assignment 1 

2. Internal Combustion Engines (MEC 802) 

a. E-Lecture Engine Classification   b. E-Lecture IC Engine for land, sea and Air Applications   c.  Topic-Examples Of Engines As Per Engine Design And Operating Parameters d. Topic-ENGINE DESIGN AND OPERATING PARAMETERS e. Topic - Engine Design And Operating Parameters Continued - 22-04-2020  f. Topic - Engine Design And Operating Parameters Continued  -  26-04-2020 g. Topic - Engine Design And Operating Parameters Continued - 27-04-2020 h. Topic : Characteristic Performance Curves Of I C Engines - 28-04-2020 i. Topic : Research Paper on Engine Performance Under Constant Speed and Variable Load Operation - 28-04-2020 j. Topic : Research Paper on Engine Performance Under Variable Speed and Constant Load Operation - 28-04-2020 k. Chapter Engine Design - Topic  Numericals  - 29-04-2020 l. Chapter  Engine Design - Topic Numericals Continued - 29-04-2020 m. Combustion In SI Engines-Topic Essential Features Of Process-01-05-2020 n. Combustion In Compression Ignition Engines  - 02-05-2020 o. MID TERM ASSIGNMENT p. Topic  Numerical On Ethanol Engine and Petrol Engine Design - 14-05-2020 q. DATE OF SUBMISSION - MID-TERM ASSIGNMENT - 18th MAY 2020 r. MID TERM EXAMINATION - LAST DATE OF SUBMISSION -  20th MAY 2020 s. Website Based - Award Roll - For the Subject of - MEC802 - Internal Combustion Engines t. Website Based - Award Roll - Based On 50 Percent Weightage  For Mid Term Examination  - Subject    MEC802 - Internal Combustion Engines  - 16-06-2020 u. LECTURE - HEAT TRANSFER IN I C ENGINES-B TECH.-8th SEMESTER-MECHANICAL-13-04-2021 v. Assignment - Numerical - Heat Transfer in I C Engines - Thermal Properties of Wall Materials-13-04-2021 w. LECTURE - I C ENGINES - TOPIC  MIXTURE REQUIREMENTS OF S.I.ENGINES - B TECH - 8TH SEMESTER - MECHANICAL - SPRING SEMESTER - 2021 - Dated 15-04-2021

(Course material prepared and provided by Prof M Marouf Wani)

3. I.C. Engine Lab. (MEC 802P) 

a. Topic - Assignment -  I C Engines Lab Report - Subject I C Engines Lab  b. Topic Measurements of Performance Parameters of I C Engines- 06-05-2020 c. Topic Measurements of Emissions Characteristics of  I C Engines- 07-05-2020 d. Topic Lab Report Assignment-18-05-2020 

(Course material prepared and provided by Prof M Marouf Wani)

4. Departmental Elective- I: Theory of Elasticity (MEC 803)

Introduction to Elasticity UNIT I: Part1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6     UNIT II:  Part1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4Part 5   Assignment 1 Last Year Question Paper: Mid Term, End Term     (course material prepared by Dr M Mohsin Khan

5. Departmental Elective - II: Power Plant Engineering (MEC 804)

a. CO & Syllabus  b. UNIT II   c. UNIT III d. NPTEL Lecture Link

Students are adviced to download the course material from the NPTEL link (videos and PDF) mentioned above for the course named 'Power Plant Engineering' by Dr. Ravi Kumar. Dr. Ravi Kumar is a Professor at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, IIT Roorkee. Further Material unit vise will be provided soon. 

(course material prepared and provided by Er. Ved Prakash Sharma)