2nd Semester ITMM Courses

Click below to download the course material running in 2nd Semester:

1. Condition Monitoring (TMM- 201)

   a. Read Instruction First     b. NPTEL Link 

(course material prepared and provided by Dr. Sheikh Shahid Saleem) 

2. Lubricant selection and applications (TMM-202) 

a. Link for Lectures and Books b. Assignments 

(course material prepared and provided by Dr. M S Charoo)

3. Seminar and Industrial Training (TMM-203) (UPDATED SOON.....)

(Instructions will be provided soon to the students by Dr.  Saad Parvez)

4. Advanced Manufacturing Systems (TMM-204)

a. Syllabus  b. UNIT 1A  c. UNIT 1B   d. UNIT 1C   e. Assignment 1Assignment 2 ; Assignment 3   f. Reference/Text Books Relevant to UNIT 1 UNIT 2A UNIT 2B UNIT 2C

(course material prepared and provided by Dr. N Z. Khan)

5. Wear Analysis & Control  (MSD 204) 

a. Syllabus  b. UNIT I   c. UNIT II & UNIT III PART-A  d. UNIT III PART-B   e. Assignments  f. Reference & Text E-Books 1 2 3 NPTEL Q Bank

(course material prepared by Dr. Mukund Dutt Sharma. Any query/doubt related to any topic may be shared through email at mukund.sharma@nitsri.net)