Departmental Under Graduate Committee (DUGC) constituted the following members:

01. Head of Department; Chairman

02. Prof. A. R. Dar; Convener

03. Prof. M. A. Lone ; Member

04. Prof. M. S. Mir; Member

05. Prof. B. A. Mir; Member

06. Dr. S. A. Waseem; Member

07. Prof. Adnan Qayoom (MED); Member

(Members based on merit)

08. One Student from 3rd Semester (based on heighest CGPA upto 2nd Semester)

09. One Student from 5th Semester (based on heighest CGPA upto 4th Semester)

10. One Student from 7th semester (based on heighest CGPA upto 6th Semester)