Departmental Activities


List of colloquium/special lecture organized in the Department of Physics


•  M. Sc. Colloquium 2020 on "Phase Transitions and BKT" will be delivered by Dr. Rini Ganguly of Neel Institute France on 27th July at 4pm (Indian time). 
M. Sc. Colloquium 2020 on "Scanning Tunneling Microscopy as a characterization unit" will be delivered by Dr. Indranil Roy of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai on 6th July at 4pm (Indian time). 
•  M. Sc. Colloquium 2020 on "Magnetic field microscopy using Bose Einstein Condensates" will be delivered by Dr. Amruta Gadge of University of Sussex on 2nd July at 4pm (Indian time). 
'Synthesis, characterization and some applications of carbon nano structured materials' by A. Govinadraj, principal research scientist ,solid state and structural chemistry unit of IISc Bengaluru, on 30.11.2018. 
''Application of nano material thin films'' Dr Ram Janay Chaudhary, Scientist F, UGC-DAE-CSR Indore on 5.9.2018.

“Particle Accelarator for Research & Application” Prof RK Bhandari, Raja Ramanna Fellow on 14.11.2015

“Frontiers in radio Astronomy” Niruj Mohan Ramanujam , Scientist NCRA Pune on 23.3.2016

“Research Facilities at DAE CSR Indore” Prof. R. Srinivasan Fellow IASc Bengaluru on 24.5.2016              
 “Surprises in Physics through Demonstration” Prof B N Das, Calcutta University on 20.2.2017.

“Universe through Atom”  Prof S N Nahar, Professor Ohio State University on 16.3.2017 
•  “How and Why in Astronomy”  Dr Pritesh Ranadive,  HBCSE Mumbai on 26.5.2017 

 Nanomaterials for Energy Harvesting' Prof Ahsanul Haq Qurashi, King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals on 14.8.2017
•   'Research facilities at BARC Zakura and Gulmarg, Dr. Mufti Sabiuddin,, OIC, BARC Zakura on 31.10.2017 
•  An overview of Nuclear Physics by Prof Shiekh Javed, VC Cluster University, Srinagar, 16.3.2018 
•  Perovskite Solar Cells: Morphology Optimization and Photophysics Study by  Dr Soumitra Satpathy of IIT Roorkee on 2.4.2018 
•  An Introduction to IPR by Prof Mohidin Bhat, Director Institute of Technology, KU on 16.4.2018 

''Application of Physics in Meteorology and career prospects in Atmospheric science by Dr. Sonam Lotus, Director Meteorological Department J&K on  12th of May 2018.

What is Science by Dr Gauhar Raza, former scientist NISTADS on 20.6.2018

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