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Student Notifications 2022

  Notification Description Dated
Notice for B.Tech batch 2019 03-01-23
Library Notification 2022 27-12-22
Scholarship Notification 2022 21-12-22
Seating Arrangement For The Mid-Term Examination  of B.tech 1st Sem Batch-2022 (Autumn-2022) 09-12-22
Corrigendum For Centre Notice B.Tech 1st sem Batch-2022( Branch MME & Civil Engg.) 06-12-22
BEL( Bharat Electronics Limited ) RECRUITMENT 02-11-22
Registration Notice for B.Tech Supplementary Examination of 6th semester 02-12-22
Corrigendum Notification of Date Sheet for Various Semesters  02-12-22
Supplementary Examination for 5th, 6th & 7th semester 02-11-22
Centre Notice For B.tech Mid-term Examination Batch-2022 (Autumn-2022) 30-11-22
Extension Notice for Re-Registration for B. Tech 1st Semester for Autumn Session-2022 29-11-22
Mid-Term Date-Sheet For B.Tech 1st Semester Batch-2022 SESSION AUTUMN-2022 29-11-22
Notice to All UG PG & PhD Students 28-11-22
Revised Date Sheet for M Tech 1st Semester (Civil Engineering) End Term Examination Session - Autumn - 2022 28-11-22
Notice for M.Tech 1st sem End-Term Examination of Micro Electronics Department 25-11-22
Centre Notice for MBA/Ph.D./MSc Autumn-2022 25-11-22
Extension Notice for Odd Supplementary Examination 24-11-22
Top 10 SC Students eligible for the scholarship under the scheme of Top class SC Students 22-11-22
HECA Scholarship 22-11-22
Date Sheet  for Ph.D. (End-Term Examination) Session Autumn-2022 21-11-22
Date Sheet for PG 1st & 3rd Semester (End Term Examination) Session - Autumn - 2022 17-11-22
Minor Change in Center Notice For B.Tech & M.Tech 1st /3rd/5th/7th Semester for End-Term Exam Session Autumn- 2022 17-11-22
Library Notification regarding Smart RFID Cards 17-11-22
Corrigendum for B.Tech 3rd Semester End-Term Examination Autumn-2022 16-11-22
Notice for Odd Supplementary Examination for the session Autumn-2022 15-11-22
End-Term D.S and Center Notice for B.Teh 3rd, 5th & 7th Semester session Autumn - 2022 15-11-22
Batch 2022 1st Semester Civil Engineering Section Allotment 06-11-22
Batch 2022 1st Semester Time Table for all Branches 06-11-22
Extension Notice for semester registration for the session Autumn-2022 31-10-22
Timeline for Issuance of Different Certificates 31-10-22
Notice for submission of bank account details through Google form for release of fellowship 27-10-22
Online registration of B.Tech Admission Batch 2022       Registration Link  27-10-22 
Ist Semester C Programming Lab 25-10-22
Hostel Notification for B.Tech Batch 2022 25-10-22
Notification regarding Fit India Run 3.0 20-10-22
Latest Notification regarding Convocation  19-10-22
Convocation Notification 18-10-22
Placement Notification - C-DAC  13-10-22
Notice Regarding Mid -Term Examination of PG/ Ph.D. Session Autumn -2022 13-10-22
List of Selected Students for Scholarship under National Scholarship Fellowship for the year 2021-22 12-10-22
Branch Sliding B. Tech. Batch-2021 12-10-22
Notice for Convocation 2021 & 2022 11-10-22
Branch Sliding Notice  10-10-22
Date Sheet for PG 1st ,3rd Semesteer & BTech 3rd Semester notification 10-10-22
Winter Internship Notice 10-10-22
Selection  list of Internship Coordinators for the Year 2022-23 10-10-22
Notice for 7th Convocation 2021 & 2022    | Registration Link 07-10-22
Branch Sliding Notice for B. Tech Students (Batch-2021) 29-09-22
DAAD Scholarship Notification 27-09-22
GAIL Placement Notification  26-09-22
Corrigendum for B.Tech 7th Semester Mid-Term Examination Session Autumn-2022  25-09-22
Center Notice for B.Tech 5th & 7th Semester Mid-Term Examination 23-09-22
Date Sheet for B.Tech 5th, 7th Semester and PG 3rd Semester (Mid Term Examination) Session - Autumn - 2022 22-09-22 
Traffic Hackathon -2022 18-09-22
Re-registration Notice for Autumn Session 2022 (UG/PG Odd Semester) 13-09-22
Pending Semester Registration Notice for UG/PG Students and Ph. D students 13-09-22
Convocation 2021 - 2022 notice 12-09-22
Hindi Pakhwada Circular  |  Registration Link  09-09-22
Refund of Unspent Mess Deposit 07-09-22
Scholarship Notification for B.Tech/M.Tech/M.Sc/MTIEM and MBA 01-09-22
LIRC Notification regarding Timing 29-08-22
LIRC Notification regarding RFID-Smart Id 29-08-22
Notice regarding Athletic Events 28-08-22
Notice for B.Tech 2nd Semester Batch 2021 23-08-22
Semester Registration for B.Tech 3rd Semester Batch 2021 18-08-22
Urgent Notification for all students from IIEDC  18-08-22
Amount to be deposited by the students for 3rd semester of batch-2021 in Autumn session-2022 12-08-22
D.S for B.Tech 3rd Sem Supplementary End-Term Examination Session Spring Supply-2022 12-08-22
D.S for B.Tech 8th Sem Supplementary End-Term Examination Session Spring Supply-2022 12-08-22
Notice for Special Supplementary Examination 8th Semester(Batch-2018) 11-08-22
Date Sheet for M-Tech 1st Semester (Supplementary) End Term Examination Session - Spring Supply - 2022 08-08-22
Centre Notice for B-Tech 2nd Semester (End Term Examination) Session Spring 2022 08-08-22
Semester Registration Notice for UG/PG Students & Ph.D Research Scholars  08-08-22
Placment Notification for B.Tech (2019-2023) and M.Tech (2021- 2023) of E&C Engineering and CSE departments in C-DOT  05-08-22
Notice For UG/PG/Ph.D.End Term Examination Session Spring Supply-2022 05-08-22
Notice for completion of pending semester registration for B. Tech students (Batch-2021) 05-08-22
Spring Supplementary examination notice update  05-08-22
TATA Capital Pankh Scholarship 04-08-22
Amount to be deposited by the students for 7th semester of B.tech Batch-2019 in Autumn session-2022 03-08-22
Amount to be deposited by the students for 5th semester of B.Tech B.tch-2020 02-08-22
Urgent Notification regarding the registration and class work for various semesters 01-08-22
Date Sheet for B.Tech 2nd Semester (Regular & Supply) End Term Examination Session - Spring 2022 01-08-22
Date sheet for Spring Supplementary-2022 30-07-22
Eligibility Notice for Spring Supply 2022  30-07-22
Date Sheet of Chemistry Lab for B.Tech 2nd Semester Spring 2022 29-07-22
Urgent Notification for all students regarding Social Media activity 27-07-22
Entrance Examination Schedule for the Ph.D Programme 26-07-22
Corrigendum for End-Term Examination for M-Tech 2nd Semester (Electrical Engineering) 20-07-22
Corrigendum for M.Sc Semester(Physics) End-Term Examination Session Spring -2022 20-07-22
Date Sheet for PG (2nd & 4th Semesters) End Term Examination Session - Spring 2022 19-07-22
Academic Schedule for the Autumn Session-2022 15-07-22
D.S For B.Tech (4th & 6th-Sem) End Term Examination Session Spring-2022 12-07-22
Selected List of Students for Social Media Cell 07-07-22
Extension Notice for B.Tech 2nd Semester (Batch 2021) 01-07-22
Centre notice for supplementary B.Tech 7th semester(Session -Spring Supply 2022) 30-06-22
D.S For B.Tech (7th-Sem) End Term Examination Session Spring Supply-2022 30-06-22
Notice for M.Tech/M.Sc/MBA/MTIEM CRCs selections 29-06-22
Extension Notice for Spring-supply 2022 (ODD Semester UG/PG) 22-06-22
Notice for UG/PG Studennts & Ph. D Research Scholars 22-06-22
Extension Notice for submission of online forms for Ph.D/M.Tech/M.Sc/MBA/MTIEM 21-06-22
Spring-Supplementary 2022 Examination (ODD-Semester UG/PG) 20-06-22
2nd Semester B.Tech Registration Notice 20-06-22
Seating Arrangement for Mid Term Examination of B.Tech 2nd Semester 20-06-22
Notice regarding ST Scholarship scheme 16-06-22
Urgent Notice regarding Bihar Post Matric Scholarship 15-06-22
Centre Notice For B.Tech (2nd-sem) Mid Term Examination Session Spring-2022 15-06-22
D.S For B.Tech (2nd-sem) MId Term Examination Session Spring-2022 14-06-22
Cancellation notice for non reported students of B. Tech Batch 2021 09-06-22
Submission of Income Certificate for 2nd Semester Batch 2021 09-06-22
Notice for Even Supplementary Examination 06-06-22
Registration form for One Week STUTI Training Program @ NIT Srinagar [28th June to 04th July, 2022] 03-06-22
D.S For MBA (4th-sem) Mid Term Examination Session Spring-2022 03-06-22
Notice for M.Tech/M.Sc/MBA CRC applications 03-06-22
Date Sheet & Centre Notice for B.Tech. 8th Semester (End-Term) Examination 02-06-22
Tech4 Seva by UBA | 15 August 2022 25-05-22
Updated Notice regarding refund of Convocation 2019 & 2020 registration fee 24-05-22
Corrigendum of the Mid Term Date Sheet for M-Tech 2nd Semester - Branch Civil Engineering 23-05-22
Notice regarding refund of Convocation 2019 & 2020 registration fee 23-05-22
Important Scholarship Notice for the year 2021-22 23-05-22
Re-Registration Notice Spring 2022 for B-Tech. 2nd Semester 19-05-22
Revised Date Sheet for M.Tech 2nd Semester (Mechanical Engineering) Mid-Term Examination Session - Spring 2022 17-05-22
Date sheet for Midterm Examination (PG courses) 13-05-22
Notice regarding Smart ID/RFID Cards Collection at Library 12-05-22
Corrigendum to Midterm Datesheet 06-05-22
Re-Registration Notice Spring 2022 06-05-22
Date Sheet / Centre Notice for B-Tech (4th & 6th Semesters) Mid Term Examination Spring 2022 05-05-22
Time Table 2022 02-05-22
IOCL campus recruitment Notification for 2018-2022 batch students 29-04-22
CRC Selection Notice(2022-2023) 29-04-22
NIT Srinagar Cross Country 2022 28-04-22
Notice for Pending Document Verification of B. Tech students (Batch-2021) 27-04-22
CRC interviews for B.Tech 2019 batch students 16-04-22
Notice for parents accompanying the students of B.Tech Batch-2021 12-04-22
Notice for B.Tech Batch 2021 (boys only) who have opted for hostel 12-04-22
Schedule for Physical Reporting/Document Verification for B.Tech Students Batch 2021 12-04-22
Notification for empanelment of social media team 2022 12-04-22
COVID-19 Mass Testing on 11.04.2022 10-04-22
Notice For B.Tech 8th sem Mid Term Examination Mechanical Branch 08-04-22
Electricity Outage Notice 07-04-22
Laboratory schedule for B. Tech 1st Sem. Batch 2021 07-04-22
Notification for collection of Smart ID/Library cards 07-04-22
Revised D.S for B.Tech 8th sem Mid-Term Examination (Spring-2022) 07-04-22
Center Notice of B.Tech 8th sem Mid-Term Examination Spring-2022 06-04-22
Interaction & Training Sessions - B.Tech Batch 2019-23 04-04-22
Notice for placement registration for B.Tech 2019 Admitted Batch 04-04-22
B.Tech students of 2019 admitted batch the process of selecting Campus Recruitment Coordinators (CRC) for the Year 2022-2023. 04-04-22
Notice for B.Tech Students Batch 2021 (Hostellers) 04-04-22
Notice for B.Tech Students Batch 2020 regarding completion of student's information on their respective erp login by or before 11th April, 2022. 01-04-22
Notice for Physical Reporting/document Verification for B.Tech Students Batch 2021 (Currently in 2nd Semester) to start from 18-04-2022 31-03-22
Campus Placement drive - Gammon India Limited 31-03-22
Notice Regarding the Center Change of PG Exam 22-03-22
LIRC timing notice 22-03-22
Washing schedule for B.Tech students. 21-03-22
Notice for not to go outside the campus without proper permission 21-03-22
Notice for B Tech students with Backlog at 1st Semester Level 19-03-22
Date Sheet For B.Tech 1st Sem (End-Term) New Scheme Session Autumn-2021 17-03-22
National Inter-college Crossword Expedition 2022 (NICE-22) 17-03-22
Water supply shuts from (10:30 P.M to 5:30 A.M) 16-03-22
Date Sheet for M.Tech (Civil Engineering) End Term Examination Session - Autumn 2021 15-03-22
Corrigendum End Term Date Sheet 14-03-22
Date Sheet for PG (1st & 3rd Semesters) End Term Examination Session - Autumn 2021 11-03-22
DateSheet for B-Tech 1st Semester (Lab) - Batch 2021 09-03-22
Notice for the submission of Winter internship reports (B-Tech 2019 & 2020) 08-03-22
Notice for the students who are yet to be placed(2018-2022) 07-03-22
Notice for Classwork for Ph. D research scholars admitted in Autumn-2021 & Spring-2022 04-03-22
Notice for B.Tech batch 2020 and 2021 (hosteller) 04-03-22
Information for students of B.tech Batch-2018,2019 ,2020,2021 (Boys and Girls) and M.tech,M.Sc,Ph.D (Only Girls )-2 04-03-22
Information for students of B.tech Batch-2018,2019 ,2020,2021 (Boys and Girls) and M.tech,M.Sc,Ph.D (Only Girls )-1 04-03-22
Evaluation Module for B Tech 1st Sem 03-03-22
Urgent Notice for students of Batch-2020 B.tech (Google Form) 03-03-22
Urgent Notice for students of Batch-2020 B.tech 02-03-22
Notice for Semester registration for the spring session 2022 for the following 1. B.Tech 4th. 6th & 8th semester 2. PG 4th semester (M.Tech/M.Sc/MBA/M.TIEM) 3. PhD (All Batches). 02-03-22
ROBOWEEK 2.0 event by NIT Hamirpur 02-03-22
Temporary accommodation for parents (accompanying students) 02-03-22
Notice for Physical Reporting/Document Verification for Batch 2020 28-02-22
Serb Sponsored High-End Workshop on 5 Axis CNC 28-02-22
Notice for B-Tech Students, Batch 2018 & 2019 28-02-22
End term Examination UG/PG 1st Semester 28-02-22
Notice For B.Tech Batch 2020 (Hostellers) 26-02-22
Notice For B.Tech Batch 2018 (Hostellers) 26-02-22
Notice for B.Tech Students Batch 2019 & 2020 25-02-22
Online National Workshop On Research Methodology in Literary Studies and Humanities 24-02-22
Annual Techno Management Festival 22-02-22
Interactive session with all the Final year B.Tech students of Civil Engineering Department 20-02-22
Online program for Deep Learning Foundation for Self-Driving Cars 17-02-22
Six months internship program undertaken from company 16-02-22
Information to B.tech Batch-2018 hosteller (Boys & Girls) /M.tech and M.Sc Batch-2020 and 2021,Ph.D all batches (only for girls student) 17-01-22
Notice for completion of Ph. D admission under Self Sponsored Category 17-01-22
Registration Notice for Ph. D/ M. Tech/M. Sc./MBA/MTIEM/B.Tech students 10-02-22
Information for students of Batch-2018 B.Tech Boys and Girls /M.Tech /M.Sc and Phd (only for Girls Student) 17-01-22
Attention: M Tech / MSc / MBA / MTIEM / BTech Students 17-01-22
Notice for Bharat Electronics Limited - M.Tech (CIT ) 2022 passing batch 17-01-22
Bharat Electronics Limited (PSU)- Notification Notice 17-01-22
Annual Internshala Ranking 17-01-2021
Final Result Notifications of Ph.D. Session: Autumn - 2021 17-01-2021
Notice of Oil India Limited(2018-2022) Mechanical Engineering 17-01-2021
Mid-Term Date Sheet for B.Tech (1st Semester) 19-01-2022
Celebrtation of the event "National Girl Child Day on 24th on Jan-2022" - Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav 19-01-2022
Date Extended for BPCL (2018-2022) 17-01-2021
M.Tech/M.Sc batch-2020/2021 & Ph.D (all Batches)  14-01-2022
Notice for B.Tech Students of Batch-2018 to fill google form 13-01-2022
Placement Notice BPCL (2018-2022) 13-01-2022
Notice regarding mess menu & mess fee amount deposit details of Batch-2018 B.Tech for 8th semester 13-01-2022 
Details of Amount deposited by M.Tech/M.Sc & P h.D (all Batches) for Girls student only 13-01-2022 
  Mess Office Notification regarding Menu  
Surya Namaskar Programe to organised by Ministry of Ayush on the occasion of Maker Sakranti as a part of ' Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav' 12-01-2022
Notification for GAIL- B.Tech (2018-2022) of Electrical Engineering department 08-01-2022
Supplementary Date Sheet of Autumn 2021 for ECE 03-01-2022
IT DateSheet for Even Semester Supplementary Lab Examination (Autumn 2021)  

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