Assistant Professor

Biomass conversion Technology, Industrial Pollution Abatement, Modeling and Simulation, Material Science & Technology, Environment Technology


Tanveer Rasool was born in Sopore Kashmir, J&K, India, on 15th December 1974. He obtained his B.Tech. , Chemical Engg., from REC Srinagar, J&K, India, in year 2000 and M.Tech. in Chemial Engg., from IIT Roorkee, Uttrakhand, India , in 2014. He got his PhD for his thesis “Evaluation of Pyrolytic behaviour of Biomass waste through Kinetic and Thermodynamic Analysis” in 2018 from National Institute of Technology Srinagar-J&K India. Having started his career at REC, Srinagar as n adhoc Lecturer in the year 2001, he became permanent lecturer in 2002 at RECT (NIT) Srinagar and i s presently working as Senior Assistant Professor in chemical engineering Department. Ever since, he joined in teaching profession, he has offered a number of courses both at Under graduate and Master's level. He was involved in offering laboratory courses as well. Presently (05) Ph D scholars are registered under his guidance and has guided (03) M-Tech Dissertations. To his credit he has more than 15 publications in International Journals and Conferences. He has also delivered lot of technical lectures at different organizations and Institutions. Dr. Tanveer is a life time member of Institution of Engineers (India) (M-143936-1) , Indian Society for Technical education (LM-40574), New Delhi, Life member of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (LM-54336), Kolkata. His paper on á Mechanistic Study of adsorption of Zinc and Nickel on algae-Sodium Bentonite Composite” in ICACSE 2018 held at NIT Trichy in Dec 2018 was awarded the Best Paper Presentation Certificate. He has been serving in the Executive council of IE (India) Srinagar State Centre for the past 14 years and was elected as Honorary Secretary of the centre for the session 2014-16. He is also Convenor of DUGC in Chemical Engineering NIT Srinagar. He has chaired technical sessions in various national and international conferences.


  • Ph. D., Chemical Engineering, 2018, Evaluation of Pyrolysis behaviour of Biomass Waste Through Kinetic and Thermodynamic Analysis
  • M.TECH, Chemical Engineering, 2014, Computer Aided Process Plant Design
  • B.E., Chemical Engineering, 2000, Chemical Engineering

Publications Journal

  • S. Rasool, T. Rasool, K. M. Ghani, "A review of interactions of pesticides within various interfaces of intrinsic and organic residue amended soil environment". Chemical Engineering Journal advances. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ceja.2022.100301 , APR, 2022
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Publications Conference

  • International Conference on Biotechnology for sustainable Agriculture, Environment and health (BSAEh-2021), APR, 2021
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Books/Book chapter published

  • Tanveer Rasool, W. Baba, "Removal of Ni(II) and Zn(II) from Aqueous Media using Algae-Sodium Bentonite Nanocomposite’. Accepted for publication in the Edited Book on “Nanotechnology for Energy and Environmental Engineering-Springer (Book Chapter), 2019