Assistant Professor

Thermodynamic Analysis, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Renewable Energy, Modeling and Simulation


Dr. Brajesh Kumar earned his Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering from IIT Roorkee (India). He has been awarded his M. Tech. in Chemical Engineering from IIT Roorkee (India) and B. Tech. from UPTU Lucknow (India) in Chemical Engineering. He has more than 3 years of teaching experience as a faculty member in various government institutions. He has supervised five B. Tech. project groups. He is primarily interested in Thermodynamic Analysis and Modelling & Simulation of Chemical Engineering Systems. His other areas of interest are Renewable Energy and Chemical Reaction Engineering. He has published Eleven articles in peer reviewed International Journals, Two International conferences, and Four book chapters in reputed publishers like Elsevier, Scrivener Publishing, Springer Nature, and CRC press & Apple academic press. He is active member in various committees of Department and Institute.


  • M.TECH, Chemical Engineering, , IIT Roorkee
  • Ph. D., Chemical Engineering, , IIT Roorkee
  • B.TECH, Chemical Engineering, , UPTU, Lucknow

Publications Journal

  • Brajesh Kumar, Shishir Sinha, Shashi Kumar, and Surendra Kumar, 2021. Energy and exergy optimization of oxidative steam reforming of acetone–butanol–ethanol–water mixture as a renewable source for H2 production via thermodynamic modeling, Chemical Product and Process Modeling, AOP, Published., JUL, 2021
  • Suresh Kumar Patel, Brajesh Kumar, Piyush Pal, Rahul Dev, Dhananjay Singh, 2020.Production of potable water from Gomti River by using modified double slope solar still with external mounted reflectors, Solar Energy, 209:576-589., OCT, 2020
  • Suresh Kumar Patel, Brajesh Kumar, Pradeep Kumar, Dhananjay Singh, 2020. Enhancing the performance of modified solar still using Al2O3 nanofluid by harvesting solar energy, Journal of the Indian Chemical Society, 97:1008-1013., JUL, 2020
  • Brajesh Kumar, Shashi Kumar, Shishir Sinha, and Surendra Kumar, 2018. Utilization of acetone-butanol-ethanol-water mixture obtained from biomass fermentation as renewable feedstock for hydrogen production via steam reforming: Thermodynamic and energy analyses. Bioresource Technology; 261:385-393., AUG, 2018
  • Brajesh Kumar, Shashi Kumar, and Surendra Kumar, 2018. Thermodynamic analysis of H2 production by oxidative steam reforming of butanol-ethanol water mixture recovered from Acetone:Butanol:Ethanol fermentation. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy; 43:6491-6503., MAR, 2018
  • Brajesh Kumar, Shashi Kumar and Surendra Kumar, 2017. Butanol reforming: an overview on recent developments and future aspects. Reviews in Chemical Engineering; 34:1-19., DEC, 2017
  • Brajesh Kumar, Shashi Kumar, and Surendra Kumar, 2017. Thermodynamic and energy analysis of renewable Butanol-ethanol fuel reforming for the production of hydrogen. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering; 5:5876-5890., NOV, 2017
  • Shashi Kumar, Brajesh Kumar, Surendra Kumara, and Sheeba Jilani, 2017. Comparative modeling study of catalytic membrane reactor configurations for syngas production by CO2 reforming of methane. Journal of CO2 Utilization; 20:336-346., JUL, 2017
  • Payal Chaudhary, Brajesh Kumar, Surendra Kumar, and V. K. Gupta, 2015. Transesterfication of Castor Oil with Methanol Kinetic Modelling. Chemical Products and Process Modeling; 10(2):71-80., JUN, 2015
  • Vinod Jain, Surinder Sambi, Shashi Kumar, Brajesh Kumar, and Surendra Kumar, 2015. Modeling of a UASB Reactor by NARX Networks for Biogas Production. Chemical Products and Process Modeling; 10(2): 113-121., JUN, 2015
  • Shashi Kumar, Deepika Arya, Abhinav Malhotra, Surendra Kumar, and Brajesh Kumar, 2013. Biodegradation of dual phenolic substrates in simulated wastewater by Gliomastix indicus MTCC 3869. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering; 1: 865-874., DEC, 2013

Publications Conference

  • Indian Chemical Engineering Congress (CHEMCON 2014) , DEC, 2014
  • International Conference on Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering (ICCBPE-2013) , NOV, 2013

Books/Book chapter published

  • Brajesh Kumar, Lovjeet Singh, Pawan Rekha, Pradeep Kumar, Photocatalytic Biomass Valorization into Valuable Chemicals, Name of Book: Handbook of Biomass Valorization for Industrial Applications, Chapter 1, Publisher: Scrivener Publishing (Wiley), Page No.: 1-21., 2022
  • Pawan Rekha, Lovjeet Singh, Brajesh Kumar, Indu Chauhan, Satyendra Prasad Chaurasia, Carbon-Based Catalysts for Biorefinery Processes: Carbon-Based Catalysts for Valorization of Glycerol Waste From Biodiesel Industry, Name of Book: Handbook of Biomass Valorization for Industrial Applications, Chapter 4, Publisher: Scrivener Publishing (Wiley), Page No.: 55-82. , 2022
  • Pradeep Kumar, Brajesh Kumar, Dhananjay Singh, Chapter 11:Radioactive Waste management, Name of Book: Hazardous Waste Management, Publisher: Elsevier, Page No.: 289-301., 2021
  • Brajesh Kumar, Shashi Kumar, Surendra Kumar, Title Methane production by butanol decomposition: Thermodynamic Analysis, Name of Book: Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering - Trends and Developments, Chapter 10, Publisher:Apple Academic Press and CRC Press Page No.: 101-107 , 2015