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Student Notifications 2023-24

  Notification Description

Urgent attention of B.Tech-Batch-2022 & 2023 Boys & Girls 20-02-2024
Extension Notice Regarding Registration & commencement of Classwork of B-Tech 2nd & 4th sem. 19-02-2024
Hostel Cancellation Procedure for Students going to do Internship 16-02-2024
Advisory Notice Regarding 1st & 3rd Semester End Term Examination on 9th Feb 2024 (Friday) 08-02-2024

"Repening of Laundry Service"


Notice regarding Rescheduling of 1st paper of B.tech 1st and 3rd semester Autumn 2023

Permission of Hostel Accommodation 31-01-2024
Winter Semester Lab Allotment IT Department 31-01-2024
Mess Fee Depost Notifications 19-01-2024
Urgent Notification for Students from Dean Students Welfare 18-01-2024
Library Notification for waived off fines 16-01-2023
Mess Fee Depost Notifications 12-01-2023
Date Sheet notification for B.Tech/PG & Phd 09-01-2023
Scholarship Notification for Batch 2023 BTech SC/ST Students  09-01-2023
Date Sheet For B. Tech. 2nd and 4th Semester (Winter Semester) 04-01-2024
Top 15 Sc Students Eligible for Top Class Scholarship for the Year 2023 29-12-2023
Top 150 OBC Students Eligible for Top Class Scholarship for the Year 2023 29-12-2023
Scholarship Notification  24-12-2023
Responses to Queries of Students (For all UG/PG/PhD Student) 14-12-2023
Revised Details of Some Academic Activities Scheduled after Winter Vacations 13-12-2023
Winter Semester Registration Notification  | Annexure-I 11-12-2023
Notice for Submitting Online Course-Cum-Teacher Feedback Form by BTech Students | Manual for Form Filling  25-11-2023
Backlog Notice for students of 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 admission batches 25-11-2023
Date sheet for Ph.D. (1st semester) End Term Examination session Autumn-2023 23-11-2023
Notice regarding conduct of winter semestrer 2023-24 (for BTech students having backlogs) 23-11-2023
Registration for backlog courses Autumn-2023 Session PG 1st & 3rd Semester 21-11-2023
PG online registration (End Semesters) 20-11-2023
Date Sheet M.Tech 1st Sem End Term Autumn 2023 17-11-2023
Date sheet M.Tech. 3rd Sem End term Autumn 2023 17-11-2023
Registration for backlog courses Autumn 2023 session
Centre Notice of End Term Examination- Session Autumn 2023 for B.tech & P.G. 15-11-2023
End Term Datasheet for B.tech 1st,3rd,5th & 7th Semester Autumn 2023 13-11-2023
Registration for Backlog Courses Autumn-2023 Session B.Tech. 1st, 3rd, 5th, & 7th Semester 09-11-2023
Recruitment of  MECON Limited (PSU) RECRUITMENT FOR B.TECH 09-11-2023
Date Sheet B.Tech Sem-I Chemistry Lab Exam 08-11-2023
Notice regarding suspension of classes on 03-11-2023 in view of Annual Cultural Event (Rang-e-chinar) 02-11-2023
Rang-e-Chinar (Annual Cultural Fest 2023) 01-11-2023
Remedial Class Schedule - Autumn 2023 31-10-2023
Director's interaction with the students of 5th & 7th Semester 30-10-2023
Branch Sliding Notification  27-10-2023
Call for Startup Application for Incubation at Greenovator Incubation Foundation (i-TBI), a Section-8 company at NIT Srinagar 21-10-2023
Mentor Details for Students of BTech Admission Batch 2023 25-10-2023
Notice for UG/PG/Ph.D 2023 Batch students Regarding Creation and linking of ABC Account through E-Samarth Portal 20-10-2023
Tentative Result Details of Branch Sliding Process 18-10-2023
Notice for All Enrolled students to upload Photograph on their E-Samarth portal 17-10-2023
Notice regarding Group Counselling Sessions 13-10-2023
Notification regarding B.Tech Branch Sliding Batch 2022   |  Registration Link 06-10-2023
Mid Term Datasheet for Ph.D 1st Semester Autumn 2023 05-10-2023
Mid Term Date Sheet for M.Tech/Msc/MBA(1st Semester) of Autumn Session 2023 03-10-2023
B.Tech 1st & 3rd semester Date Sheet Autumn Session 2023 27-09-2023
Notice for Change of timing in Mid Term Examination of B.tech (1st & 3rd Semester) 27-09-2023
URGENT-Notice for Postponement of B. Tech, P.G & Ph.D Mid Term Examinations scheduled on 29-09-2023 (FRIDAY) to 30-09-2023 (SATURDAY). 27-09-2023
Online Re-registration for Autumn Session 2023 (UG /PG 1st semester 22-09-2023
Urgent notification for M.Tech, M.Sc(Physics,Chemistry) and MBA Students(Class of  2023) 20-09-2023
Date Sheet M.Tech/MSC/MBA/MTIEM (3rd SEMESTER) MID TERM AUTUMN 2023 18-09-2023
Date Sheet Phd (3rd SEMESTER) MID TERM AUTUMN 2023 18-09-2023
Mid Term Datasheet for B.tech 7th and 5th Semesters 14-09-2023
Notice regarding shortage of Class attendance 11-09-2023
Notice-One Time Amnesty for Semester Registration for B.Tech 3rd Semester students for the session Autumn-2023. 07-09-2023
Notice regarding classes of PG students of Batch 2023 25-08-2023
Notice for commencement of classes for B.Tech. 1st Semester (Admission Batch-2023) 23-08-2023
Urgent Notice for B.Tech 3rd Semester Students  21-08-2023
B.Tech 5th & 7th Semester Student   21-08-2023
Timetable for BTech 1st Semester - Autumn 2023  18-08-2023
Attention BTech 3rd Semester Students (Batch-2022) 17-08-2023
Notice for Online admission form for New B.Tech Batch 2023 (Allotted seat via JOSAA/CSAB-2023) 150-08-2023
Ek Bharat Sanskriti Sangam by Ministry of Education 14-08-2023
Circular regarding Backlog Rule Position 11-08-2023
Date sheet for B.Tech.8th Semester (Supplementary, End Term Examination) Session Spring Supply 2023 01-08-2023
OIL(Oil India Limited RECRUITMENT FOR B.TECH Mechanical Engineering) 27-07-2023
Date sheet for B.Tech.8th sem. (supplementary) end term exam. session spring supply 2023 27-07-2023
Date Sheet for B. Tech. 2nd Semester (End-Term) Examination Session Spring-2023 25-07-2023
Mess/ Hostel Card Mess office NIT Srinagar 25-07-2023
Registration Notice for Supplementary exam for B.Tech 8th Semester Session Spring 2023 20-07-2023
Celebration of Bharat Internet Utsav from 07.07.2023 to 21.08.2023 18-07-2023
Academic Calendar 2023-24 08-07-2023
Seating Arrangement for M.Tech, MBA 4th Semester End Term Examination (Session Spring - 2023) 26-06-2023
Seating Arrangement for M.Tech , MBA 2nd Semester End Term Examination (Session Spring - 2023) 26-06-2023
Revised Date Sheet For B.Tech.  4th & 6th Sem (End-Term) Examination Session : Spring - 2023 23-06-2023
Invitation of application of National Overseas Scholarship Scheme 21-06-2023
Revised Date Sheet for Ph.D End Term Examination (Session Spring - 2023) 20-06-2023
Direct Admission to Ph. D Programme at IIT Hyderabad 13-06-2023
End Term Examination Date Sheet of PG & Ph.D (Session Spring - 2023) 13-06-2023
Date Sheet and Seating arrangement notice for B.Tech.2nd Semester (Mid-Term Examination) of Session Spring-2023 09-06-2023
Notice Regarding Suspension of classes 08-06-2023
Notice for Recruitment of BPCL Recruitment for B.TECH CSE and CIVIL 06-06-2023
Re-registration Notice for UG 2nd Semester for the Spring Session-2023 02-06-2023
D.S for B.Tech 8th-Sem Major Examination Session Spring-2023 30-05-2023
Scholarship Notification Jharkhand 2023 29-05-2023
NIT Srinagar Cross Country Run  27 May 2023 Sports Department Notification 26-05-2023
NIT Srinagar Cross Country Run 27 May 2023 26-05-2023
Backlog Registration Notice for PG 2nd & 4th Semester for the session Spring-2023 25-05-2023
Backlog Registration Notice for UG 4th, 6th & 8th Semester for the session Spring-2023 25-05-2023
Notice regarding Interactive Session of Prof. B.S Murthy, Director IIT Hyderabad on 25 May 2023 24-05-2023
Notice regarding B. Tech 8th Semester Practical/Viva Voce Examination (Batch-2019) 19-05-2023
Date Sheet for PHD (Mid-Term Examination) Session Spring 2023 26-04-2023
Revised Date Sheet for M-Tech 2nd Semester Mechanical Engineering (Mid Term Examination) Session Spring - 2023 26-04-2023
Date Sheet for PG 2nd Semester (Mid Term Examination) Session Spring - 2023 26-04-2023
Date Sheet for PG 4th Semester (Mid Term Examination) Session Spring - 2023 26-04-2023
Date Sheet For B.Tech 4th & 6th Sem Mid-Term Examination Session Spring-2023 26-04-2023
Notice for Recruitment of BPCL(Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited) RECRUITMENT FOR B.TECH 26-04-2023
Important notice for students relating to Startup/entrepreneurial activities within campus 24-04-2023
Hon,ble Minster (Ministry of Tribal Affairs) needs to Interaction with the ST Students 24-04-2023
Application for Direct Ph. D admission at IIT Delhi for B. Tech. students 6th semester Batch 2020-2024 22-04-2023
Notice for completion of course registration for all PG students (All Streams/Branches) 20-04-2023
Message from Director Sir to Students  19-04-2023
Corrigendum for B. Tech  8th-sem (IT) session spring 2023 Midterm exam 18-04-2023
Corrigendum to Re-registration Notice for the Spring Session-2023 for UG 2nd, 4th & 6th Semester) 18-04-2023
Re-registration Notice for the Spring Session-2023 for UG 2nd, 4th & 6th Semester) 18-04-2023
Extension Notice for completion of semester registration till loan disbursement from the respective banks of the UG students 17-04-2023
Re-Registration Notice for SPRING 2023 PG 2nd & 4th Semester 17-04-2023
Notification regarding EIL Scholarship Dated: 12-04-2023 17-04-2023
Centre Notice for B.Tech 8th sem Mid-Term Examination Session Spring-2023 12-04-2023
Library Circular regarding Science-Direct subscription 11-04-2023
B.Tech Second Semester registration 11-04-2023
Re-registration Notice for Spring 2023 06-04-2023
Spring 2023 Registration on Samarth Portal for B.Tech Batch 2020 and 2021 students 04-04-2023
Extension Notice for semester Registration for Loan Case UG Students (4th, 6th & 8th semester students) 31-03-2023
Notice for Downloading Admit Card for Autumn 2022 Session 29-03-2023
Pending Semester Registration Notice for UG students (4th, 6th & 8th semester) for the Spring Session-2023 29-03-2023
Semester Registration Notice for B. Tech (2nd Semester) for the session Spring 2023 27-03-2023
Examination Pattern of UG/PG/Ph.D courses 22-03-2023
Date Sheet for B.Tech 1st Semester (BEE Lab)  22-03-2023
Undertaking to Leave Hostel | Format 21-03-2023
IEEE Student Branch Annual Orientation Program 2023 17-03-2023
Notice for CRC Recruitment 2023-24 (Class of 2024) 17-03-2023
Date Sheet For B.Tech. Ist Semester (End Term) Examination Batch-2022  Session Autumn-2022 15-03-2023
Peace Education Programe by Prem Rawat Foundation  15-03-2023
Late Fee Notification 10-03-2023
Extension Notice of Semester Registration for the Session Spring-2023 02-03-2023
Selected students of Shraman Foundation Scholarship 02-03-2023
Steps for Course Registration Samarth (For Masters only) 24-02-2023
Urgent ERP Notification 24-02-2023
Notice related to Registration for Spring Session 2023 21-02-2023
Amount to be deposited by the students for 6th semester of Batch-2020 B.Tech for spring Session-2023 21-02-2023
HPCL(Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited) RECRUITMENT FOR B.TECH 21-02-2023
 Student Debarred from Hostel Notification  20-02-2023
Date sheet For B .Tech 6th semester Supplementary Examination 2023-Even Batch 2016 & 2018 17-02-2023
Notice for Masters and PhD Students to Register on Samarth Portal 14-02-2023
EIL(Engineers India Limited) RECRUITMENT FOR B.TECH  14-02-2023
EIL(Engineers India Limited) RECRUITMENT FOR M.TECH 14-02-2023
Center Noticce For B.tech 5th, 6th & 7th Semesters Supply Exam 2023 - Odd & Even 13-02-2023
Corrigendum For B.tech  7th Semesters Supply Exam 2023 - Odd 13-02-2023
Date Sheet for B.Tech 5th, 6th & 7th-Sem Supplementary Examination 2023-[ODD & EVEN] SEMESTERS 10-02-2023
Reliance Foundation Scholarship for UG and PG  | Registration Link 09-02-2023
Yuva Sangam under Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat Registration Notice 09-02-2023
Mess Notification for all B.Tech Batches of Year 2023 09-02-2023
 Samarth ERP Registration for Students  08-02-2023
BEL( Bharat Electronics Limited ) RECRUITMENT FOR M.TECH 08-02-2023
Extension Notice for registration on Academic Bank of Credits 05-02-2023
Supply Registration Notice for B.Tech 5th & 7th Semesters (Backlog) 03-02-2023
Amount to be deposited by the students for 8th semester of Batch-2019 B.Tech for spring Session-2023 25-01-2023
National Fellowship & Scholarship for Higher Education of ST students for the year 2022-23. 19-01-2023
Invitation to North Zone’s Biggest Annual Techno-Managerial Fest “Techniti 2k23” 17-01-2023
Notice for B.Tech Students Admission Batch-2022 16-01-2023
Supplementary Examination Notification 2 10-01-2022
Supplementary Examination Notice 1 09-01-2023
Live interaction session with Mr Ishan Gautam, B.Tech class of 2019 06-01-2023
Academic Calendar 2023 03-01-2023
Notice for B.Tech batch 2019 03-01-2023
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